The team at NZDSCC can provide advice and suggestions regarding skincare and skin therapies for cosmetic enhancement under the guidance of Consultant Dermatologists Dr Scott Barker, Dr Ian Coutts and Dr John Snow. An appointment with the dermatologist to comprehensively assess your skin is required before procedural treatments.

Please contact us and ask if you have any questions

We have a range of procedures and products which can be appearance enhancing. These non-surgical through to surgical techniques provide gentle improvements without significant social “downtime”.

Treatments Available
  • Dermastamp,
  • Laser Treatment
    • Veins
    • Sun spots
    • Hair removal
  • Hydroquinone cream treatments
  • Skin tag removal
  • Seborrhoeic Wart removal
  • Cosmetic Mole Removal
We have developed customized products for specific purpose.
  • Brimonidine Facial Redness reduction cream
  • Hydroquinone Facial lightening cream
  • Fluorouracil /Salicylic acid Wart cream

Laser Treatment

Dr Barker and Dr Coutts have extensive laser experience, including laser dermatology fellowship experience and practice in some of the largest laser centres in the United Kingdom. Lasers are powerful machines and it is important to have treatments performed by experts who can safely recognise the benefits, risks and what should and should not be treated.

We use a Cynosure Elite MPX. This is recognized as one of the most versatile platforms today. It comprises an Alexandrite laser, an Nd:YAG laser, a multiplex combination laser and an IPL.
The Elite MPX addresses hair removal on all skin types, treatment of pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, treatment of facial and leg veins, plus new integrated IPL for photofacials.

  • Permanent hair reduction on all skin types and tanned skin
  • Facial and leg vein treatment
  • Treatment of benign epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Photo-aged skin
  • LaserFacial
MultiPlex dual wavelength technology

By sequentially emitting dual wavelengths, Elite MPX provides safer and more effective treatments than single-wavelength systems. We select wavelength combinations (Alex/YAG, Yag/Alex) customising treatments for all skin types. For patients, this means greater satisfaction.

Hair Removal – For the entire body. For all Fitzpatric skin types. Cost effective.

Laser hair removal works by emitting pulses of energy that pass through the skin to the hair follicle, the energy is absorbed by the hair follicle to destroy it. We use wavelengths specific to the patient skin type and this can result in more effective treatment and potentially fewer sessions than other laser or IPL systems.
There is usually mimimal discomfort, patients often say it feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. Slight redness or localised swelling can occasionally occur, but this usually subsides within the first 24 hours after treatment. Typically will see continued optimal results after 4-6 treatments.

Vein Treatment

Red, blue or purple leg and facial veins can be a result of sun exposure, use of oral contraception, hormone therapy, age or genetics and life style.

Dr Barker or Dr Coutts will assess vascular lesions for treatment and prescribe the dose of energy (laser settings) to the veins. The laser “selectively” targets the problem veins while sparing surrounding areas. After treatment, the vessel will naturally disappear.

Typically only one or two treatments are required and results can be seen in 3 – 4 weeks. Treatment time usually varies between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated.