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Body Mapping

Body (Mole and Skin Lesion) Mapping

What is it?

Body (mole and skin lesion) mapping is body surface photography (all skin surface) as well as dermoscopic subsurface microscopy (10x magnification) photography for appropriate lesions. It is used to provide a baseline images that can be used for future monitoring of moles. It is the most accurate digital recording of skin surface lesions. The images created can then be used as part of a skin cancer surveillance program.

Reasons for Mapping

One of the dermatologist’s primary concerns is skin cancer awareness and education. Regular skin cancer screening is important to detect lesions that are potentially harmful, sometimes fatally so. Bodymapping provides the best visual record to help determine if lesions have changed from prior assessments.

What does NZDSCC offer?

Body Mapping 2

At the NZDSCC you will initially be seen by a specialist dermatologist where your skin will be thoroughly examined followed by the mapping procedure if deemed helpful. This is different from other systems or services where a doctor never sees you, and will only see the recording. By offering this combination you will receive comprehensive management that can be discussed immediately with the dermatologist.

Body Mapping 3Total body photography serves us well in helping us detect new lesions or major changes in the clinical appearance of pre-existing lesions. Our new digital technologies available for rapidly recording many lesions at the dermoscopic level further enhance our ability to detect more subtle changes or to short-term monitor those lesions that showed clinical change. In summary, patient history, total body photographs and digital dermoscopy complement each other to help identify and differentiate early stage “featureless“ melanoma from benign lesions.

Patients may also get an electronic record of photos for themselves to keep for future reference.